Tiny Little Steps

Tiny Little Steps

No job is too big or too difficult if you break it down into small enough steps.

Whenever I am a little nervous or hesitant about the work ahead, it is a subconscious fear of making a mistake that holds me back.  I am worried that I won’t complete the task on time, or that I will get too tired and suffer, or that I will screw it up in some way.

There is almost never true physical danger involved.

But I find that if I break the task into Tiny Little Steps, and just take the next one,

        then I can be amazingly productive and produce with very high quality.

I focus on the Next Step, come back into The Now, and just do it.

        Then I take another.

                Then another.

And before long,

        the job is done.

What is your next step? Does it frighten you?

Suggested Exercise: The next time you have any hesitation, focus on the next, small step. Take a breath, and just do it. Then the next, and the next, and so on… forever.

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