I exercised excessively a few days ago, riding my stationary bike for 90 minutes at a very high speed (for me), and set a personal best. I had never ridden that far that fast in my life.

I was exhausted. It felt like I had run a half marathon. I sat on the floor for a while recovering, and I wondered: Why the heck did I do that?

And the answer was simple. It was The Law of Empowerment at its finest. I have a habitual thought, deep down in the depths my subconscious mind, that the stronger I am, the safer I am. The stronger I am, the more worthy of love and respect I am.

And then there came a curious new level of Acceptance. I found myself thinking “It’s OK”. It’s OK that I have these little fears and this little sense of unworthiness. It’s OK that I sometimes doubt myself. It’s OK that I am sometimes at a lower vibration than I am at other times.

It’s OK.

I Accept Myself, and Love Myself the way I am.

And now, whenever I find myself to be out of alignment, whenever I notice that I have slipped into the shadows a bit and am not Fully in the Light, I find myself saying “It’s OK. I Accept that”, instead of saying “Oh crap! I need to fix that!”

It is a new and wonderful level of Acceptance.

What level of unworthiness, shame, embarrassment, or guilt are you experiencing in the depths of your soul? Are you accepting your foibles and loving yourself, or somehow rejecting who you are today?

Suggested Exercise: Practice Self-Acceptance and Self-Love today. Love first, fix second.

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