Just Words

Just Words

First thing every morning, I begin repeating my Words.

Words like “Awaken”, “Let Go”, “Peace”, “Amazement”, “Love”, and “Gratitude”.  I go through dozens of words from my long list.

And at first, they are Just Words.  I can’t feel the energy behind them. But deep in my subconscious mind, I KNOW that going through the list will pay off big time.

Then suddenly, one produces a Positive Energetic Response. Then another, then another.

The experience is like opening my eyes,

        unplugging my ears,

                or watching a movie shift from black and white to color.

And then there is a Heightened Sense of Awareness,

        a Flood of Wellbeing,

                and I am rushing again towards Spirit.

I quickly become Silent, Clear, and Conscious.

Then I expand the word choices, to combinations and sequences like:

        “Silent Bliss,

        Lighthearted Excitement,

        Passionate Manifestation,

        Transcendent Awareness, and

        Loving Kindness”.


It is The Practice of Awakening.

It is the Process of Mind Sequencing.

And it is a most Glorious Experience!

What are your favorite words? Do you repeat them to yourself? Is it an effective way of Shifting Energy for you? 

Suggested Exercise: Make a list of your favorite energy filled words and repeat them often. Practice Mind Sequencing.

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