Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons

I have been working on a new habit for a couple of weeks now, to overcome the challenge of complacency and settling for less.

Each time I Awaken, I remember to elevate and to ascend as high as possible. I focus on remembering what it is like to be at my best, and I experience that Glorious Feeling again.

Then I imagine what it is like to be even higher, and I go there and stay there for as long as possible.

Ecstasy! Bliss! Rapture! Amazement! Exuberance! …  so many wonderful words come to mind when describing the experience of soaring to the heights of my human experience.

And I realized this morning that personal and spiritual growth isn’t just about overcoming blocks and obstacles, it isn’t just about dealing with the crap that’s weighs you down and holds you back…

        It’s about learning to Fly.

Would you like to learn to Fly? When was the last time you took off and soared to the heights of your experience?

Suggested Exercise:  Fly now! Take off now! Soar now!

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