Fear Flipping


Fear Flipping

There are several standard responses to fear, including the usual Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

Sometimes I just Fall Back, withdrawing cautiously, but not quite "fleeing".

And friend of mine suggested that we each have the Freedom to choose our response, so I have been working on having Faith that all will work out well, too.

But the most powerful and liberating response is to use any fear as a reminder to immediately release all fear and replace it with a tremendous surge of positive energy - to Flip It.

Flip It to Love.

Flip It to Peace.

Flip It to Confidence.

Flip It to Humility, Gratefulness, and Joy.

It is an amazing thing to realize that I have the Freedom to Flip my Fear to Faith, Focus, Force, Fairness, Forgiveness, Friendship, and Fun!

What’s more, I have the Talent to Turn and Transform my Tension and Troubles into Tolerance, Tenderness, Truthfulness, and Tranquility.

And the Strength to Switch and be Still, Silent, Serene.... and Silly!

You get the picture.

How are you responding to your Fear? Are you attaching to it and succumbing to it, or using it to your advantage?

Suggested Exercise: Practice Flipping Your Fear today. And Practice all of these other ways of Shifting Energy, too.

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