Paul Hoyt

Paul Hoyt, the creator of the Mind Sequencing System, has been on a journey of personal development for over 50 years. After years of slow progress and frustration, he was blessed to discover and create the components of the Mind Sequencing System, which have enabled him to enjoy life with a Profound Sense of Wellbeing.

Paul is the author of three inspirational works, with more to come. He published Remember- A Simple and Gentle Pathway to Spirit in 2005, The Practice of Awakening – 150 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness Whenever You Choose in 2010, and The Practice of Awakening II – The First Light of Joy (an Amazon best-seller) in 2013.

For the first 30 years of his career, he was an expert in information systems. For the following 20 years, he was a Business Consultant and Business Coach, passionate about helping business owners and senior executives develop and execute growth plans. Most recently, he has been the Co-Founder and CFO of Origami Paddler (, helping guide that company to phenomenal growth. His business books and information products, The Foundation Factor (2004), The Capital Coaching Program (2010), and Beyond Business Survival (2013) have been well received by many.

Now, he is focusing his attention on the most important work of his life, helping others discover, remember, embrace, and become their own best selves, through use of the Mind Sequencing System.

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