Judgment or Criticism?

Judgment or Criticism?

While I was watching a singer many months ago, and being mostly silent and relaxed, I became aware of a critical thought, something like “Why are people impressed with her? She appears to be arrogant and isn’t singing that good!”

And I became immediately aware of the energy behind the thought. While the assessment was fair and the question was honest, I felt some tension and shadow energy. It wasn’t just “judgment” in the fair and objective sense, it was more like “criticism”, in the sense of not wanting the best for that person.

Simply put, the energy behind the thought was not kind and loving.

And I realized that criticism can be a state of being: that I couldn’t really accept and love myself totally and completely while I was criticizing others. I couldn’t really be kind and loving to myself unless I was kind and loving to them, too.

And I once again saw that my protection mechanism of putting others down to build myself up, no matter how faint, would never work. And while the vestige was small, it was still there.

So I recommitted to Loving What Is, All of the Time.

I recommitted to Accepting What Is, All of the Time.

And I committed to “judging not”, unless the assessment is accompanied by Compassion, Kindness, and Love.

Who and what do you criticize? Do you see how criticism can be a state of being, and come back to hurt you?

Suggested Exercise: Practice total Acceptance and Love today. Assess fairly in the Spirit of Loving Compassion.

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