No Thanks!

No Thanks

I found myself being a little concerned some time ago.

I was concerned over giving a salesperson the news that I didn’t want to buy what he was selling.

I was concerned over giving a friend the news that I didn’t want to meet with them, that while I was happy to talk with them for a bit on the phone, I didn’t want to invest two hours of my time to drive to their location, meet with them and return.

And then I realized that I didn’t need to be concerned. If I declined their invitations in a kind and loving way, then I was doing all that was necessary.

I could just say “No Thanks.”

It is My Choice whether to be in a state of fearfulness and unworthiness, or to be in a State of Grace. It is My Choice to worry, or to Love Myself and Love them.

And if they choose to be upset with my kind decline, then that is their choice… and their lesson.

Do you get nervous or anxious when saying “no thanks”? Do you worry about what others will think?

Suggested Exercise: Practice shifting to a State of Grace and using the words “Thank you, but I am going to decline your kind invitation”, or simply, "No thanks, I'll pass". You don’t have to say why. 

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  1. Thank you. It is always a concern of how to say no. No thank you is a great way. That is similar to what I have been doing as a salesperson who does not want to offend other sales people and let them know I value the process but not now or it is not right.

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