The Positive Impact Game

The Positive Impact Game

For years I have been playing The Awakening Game – to see how enlightened, peaceful, joyful, loving, and powerful I can become.

And I have arrived at this beautiful state of Bliss, where I can sit for hours just contented to feel my breath and heartbeat,

        and be satisfied to listen to the Symphony of Life.

I have mastered my thoughts and my emotions. I can shift my energy whenever I choose, and I almost always experience life in the way I want.

But strangely, it doesn’t feel all that comfortable anymore. There is something more to be done.

        There is much more that I can accomplish.

Life is about making progress, and now, there is a fire burning inside of me!

So now, I will also play The Positive Impact Game – to see how much I can support other people. To see how much I can Influence, Inspire, Teach, Guide, and Encourage them.

Not because I need to.

        Not because I have to.

        Not because it is my purpose or my calling.

                But because I Want To.

Because it is My Next Step.

What games are you playing? Are you playing The Awakening Game? Have you considered play The Positive Impact Game?

Suggested Exercise: Make a list of the things you would do to have the greatest impact on the lives of others. Then do them!

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