The Gift of Fear

The Gift of Fear

My relationship with fear has changed a lot through my life.

At first, I denied it. (Who me? Afraid? No freaking way! I’m a big boy!)

And then I was embarrassed by it. And then I dreaded it. And then I fought against it and cursed it.

And then I worked for decades to study it, to understand it, to learn from it,

        and by doing so,

                to Heal It.

And I reduced my baseline anxiety significantly. I became a mostly Calm and Confident Person.

Then I began to appreciate my fear as the great Protector and Guide it had always been

        Warning me of danger

                And showing me what I Value the most.

And now, I see my fear as an Incredible Gift.

I have learned to Flip my Fear.

Every time I sense the tiniest little worry, concern, doubt, shame, guilt, embarrassment, anger, or judgment,

        It reminds me of the Beauty of the Spirit

        It reminds me of the Journey that has been

                And the one that remains.

I use it as a trigger, as a stimulus, as an impetus to Love.

And by doing so,

        I have come to Love my Fear.

What is your relationship with Fear? Do you deny it, dread it, or learn from it?

Suggested Exercise: The next time you feel the smallest amount of fear, Flip it, and let it remind you to Love.

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