The Experience of Now

The Experience of Now

Given that there are a Thousand Ways to Shift Energy and change my life experience,

    and Given that I am very skilled at Shifting my Energy,

        I am clearly choosing my current experience.

At some level, and for some reason,

    I am choosing The Experience of Now.

And I often wonder: Why am I choosing to experience life the way I am?

    Why do I ever spend any time away from Spirit, away from The Angel In Me?

    Why do I every spend any time at all in the shadows?

And the only answer I can think of is Habits.

The Habits of Lower Consciousness are deep and powerful.

And they are taking a lifetime to change.

How much of your day do you spend in Spirit? What Habits of Lower Consciousness are you embracing?

Suggested Exercise: Shift now. Overcome your habits one more time. Practice Awakening. 

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