That Little Grin

That Little Grin

Some time ago, someone who was kind enough to care asked what I was upset about. I had been walking around looking very serious, and they thought I even had a little scowl or frown on my face. I asked, “what do you mean?” and they explained that I was sending off a lot of negative energy with my seriousness.

I had no idea I was presenting myself that way. I didn’t feel serious, perhaps because being serious was normal to me.

But now as I spend more and more time in Spirit, I notice that I walk around with a little grin on my face. There is such Peace, Joy, and Love in my heart that it naturally shows in my expression.

My positive attitude manifests in the physical world, starting with my face.

I’ve learned the lesson. Now I know that if I don’t have That Little Grin, then I am not as Awakened as I could be.

And I simply Shift and Grin.

How are you presenting yourself? Are you smiling most of the time, or are you sending off waves of grumpy, serious, negative energy? What do others think?

Suggested Exercise: Try smiling for no reason a lot today, even (especially?) when you are alone or you think no one is watching.

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