Someone Is

Someone Is

Right now, somewhere, someone is laughing.

Someone has just received a promotion, closed a deal, landed a job, or received their funding.

Someone has just fallen in love, said “I do”, had their first baby, or seen their child graduate.

Someone has broken a personal record, run farther and faster than before, or won a game.

        My Joy is neither enhanced nor diminished.

Right now, somewhere, someone is crying.

Someone was just denied a raise, lost a big deal, was fired, or turned down.

Someone just got a divorce, broke up, or seen a loved one pass away.

Someone has just had a terrible accident, fallen, or lost a game in a most painful way.

        My Joy is neither enhanced nor diminished.

Such is Awakening.

What is going on with you and around you? Are you impacted by it? Are you caught up in it?

Suggested Exercise: See the experience of the moment in the context of all other experiences. Step back and watch the miracle of life unfold.

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