Let Go, Understand, and Heal


Let Go, Understand, and Heal

I followed yet another Path to Spirit today

    similar to many of the other Paths I have Followed

        and the Ways I have Discovered.

Just like in meditation,

    where I first learned to Let Go of My Thoughts,

    whenever I sense the slightest judgment or tension,

        I just Let Go of the Feeling.

I know that it does not serve me,

    And I simply Let It Go.

Then I spend a little time trying to Understand from whence it came

    A habit

    An addiction

    Always some attempt by my Inner Child

        to Protect Myself.

And then I move into Healing.

I Flood my Soul with Deep Healing Energy.

I Let an Ocean of Love and Light

    pour Into me and Through me.

I heal that Little Child again

    As I have done thousands of times before.

        And I Return to Bliss.

Many people try to Understand before they Let Go,

    But that usually just keeps them in shadows.

Better to Let Go first,

    then spend a little time trying to Understand,

    then move on to the Healing

        Whether the Understanding comes or not.

What thoughts and feelings do you have to let go of right now? Is there some little tension, stress, or anxiety that you could be free of?

Suggested Exercise: Try this: Let Go, Understand, and Heal. Do it a dozen times today.

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