I have been thinking about the next step in my Journey, and I think it is this: to Instantly Shift Energy.

For years I have been working with step-by-step methods of Transformation. I created hundreds of them and followed some of them a thousand times or more. I packaged them into the Mind Sequencing System to share them with others. They work amazingly well.

Each one has been incredibly valuable. Each one has been a beautiful Path to Spirit for me.

And I suspect that soon, they may not be necessary at all.

That’s because I am now focusing on Shifting Instantly – simply holding a concept, an energy in my mind and

    Being There Right Now.

No steps necessary. Just Instant Shifts of Energy.

With practice, I believe that the Instant Shifts will become more and more subconscious, and that someday, I will barely notice them happening.

Won’t that be cool!

How long does it take you to Remember, Embrace, and Return? Is it taking less and less time, over time?

Suggested Exercise: Keep track of how quickly you can Shift in a way that does not impede your Shifting. Be Aware, be Honest, be Humble, and work on finding quicker ways to Return.

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