In Greater Measure


In Greater Measure

Being Conscious, Awakened, and Aware is truly a Blessing.

Being Joyful, Powerful, and Peaceful is surely a Wonderful Thing.

Being Consumed by Love is a Glorious Experience.

        Being Healthy and Energized,

        Having Great Relationships

        Feeling Safe and Powerful

                Are all Marvelous Miracles.


And I have focused much of my life on experiencing these things

        In Greater Measure.


That’s what Personal Growth is all about.

That’s what Spiritual growth is all about.


Simply this: Experiencing the Blessings of Life

        In Greater Measure.

Over time, are you experiencing the Blessings of Life in Greater Measure? Are you making Progress on your Journey?

Suggested Exercise: Think back to a time when you were not as Loving, Joyful, or Wise. Reflect on the Blessings of Life you are experiencing now.

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