Your Value

Your Value

Your Value is not diminished because some people do not see it. The Value of your decades of experience, mountains of talent, boundless energy, and pure heart are obvious to some, but not everyone.

You are like a massive nugget of purest gold, sitting on the ground waiting to be discovered.

Those who are looking for other things will never see it. They may look right at you, but they will not see you or the Value you could bring to them.

Be OK with that.

Know that today, and every day going forward, more and more people will see you for who you are. Work on your messaging and let your Value be easier to see.

And know that massive abundance and prosperity are already flowing to you in Amazing ways. 🙂

What value do you bring to the world? Other than you, who sees it?

Suggested Exercise: Be confident of your personal value, and look for the value that others bring, too!

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