The strangest thing has gradually happened over the past few months.

For years, I wanted to be known as a Spiritual Teacher,

        seen as someone who was Wise and Kind and Deserving of Great Respect.

And suddenly... I don’t care.

I still want to help others, of course.

I want to Share and Encourage and Support as much or more than I ever did.

I am more Powerful, more Confident, more Peaceful, more Joyful, and Wiser

        than any other time in my life.

My capacity for Guiding and Serving grows stronger every day.

I just have no need for the title.

I have no need for the validation.

So I will continue to share my songs, poems, and messages with the world

        knowing that I will serve some who listen and read

        but not others.

                And without any desire of approval or applause.

I know who I am.

Are you still addicted to approval? Do you still need validation from others in some way? How are you seeking it? 

Suggested Exercise: Imagine what it would be like to be who you are, completely independent of the opinions of others.  

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