The Shore

The Shore

It has been my blessing lately to support a lot of people as they move through some tough times in their lives. Most of the times they are swimming like crazy to try and keep from drowning.

When I support them, I see myself standing safely on The Shore, watching their process. I am the Observer.  Sometimes I am also a bit of a Guide, calling out to them to keep swimming in a direction that will land them safely beside me.

One thing that I have learned not to do is jump in the water with them.  I may wade in a few feet so they can hear me better, but I don’t get caught up in their fear, pain, or grief. I maintain my Presence and my Consciousness, modeling the energy that they are seeking.

I know that they will make it to The Shore. I don’t know when – it could be in just a few seconds or minutes – but I know they will make it. They may gag, cough, and sputter a lot. They may cry and gnash their teeth and get angry, but I know they will make it.  I hold that belief for them, especially when they can’t hold it for themselves.

I talk to them about the times I found myself in the deep water, and the times I have seen so many others struggling too. I implore them to keep swimming towards me.

And eventually, with support, they make it to the point where the water is only three feet deep, and they can stand up and return to the safety and beauty of The Shore on their own.

        On the Shore I am the Observer – and so much more.

        On the Shore I am Peaceful.

        On the Shore I am Joyful.

        On the Shore I am I Strong.

        On the Shore I am Wise

        On the Shore I am Consumed by Love.


        On the Shore there is no fear, doubt, shame, pain, or guilt.

        On the Shore I am completely unafraid.

        On the Shore I am surrounded and embraced by Angels.

        On the Shore We are One.  

What is it like to be on your shore? When you see someone swimming or drowning in their grief, fear, or pain, what do you do? Do you jump in the fray with them?

Suggested Exercise: Go to the Shore. Make some notes to yourself about what it is like to be there, so you can remind yourself whenever you forget.

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