The River and Me


The River and Me

A vision came to me this morning about living in and on The River of Life:

   Sometimes playing joyfully in the water,

   Sometimes struggling against the current,

   Sometimes stuck on the bottom and running out of air,

   Sometimes easily treading water, and

   Sometimes floating on a raft.

When I am on the raft, I often choose to dive into the river, purposefully and consciously

But most of the time, it seems that I just fall in.

I look at something shiny or interesting in the water, and the next thing I know, I am in the water or under the water reaching for it.  I don’t even realize it is happening until I have this strong desire to breathe peacefully again.

Then I pop back up to the surface, tread water for a bit, and choose to get back on the raft.

Once again, I am Floating on The River of Life.

Watching. Mindful. Awakened. Aware.

Are you floating through life, playing in the water, or struggling and gasping for air?

Suggested Exercise: Detach. Watch. Get back on the raft and float for a while.

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