The Progression

The Progression

First, I was Unaware of the Truth.

Then I became Vaguely Aware.

Then I Heard of it again, but I ignored it.

Then I gave it some Thought, but I dismissed it.

Then I Considered it.

Then I Pondered it.

Then I Entertained the Possibility that it might be true.

Then I Suspected that it was true.

Then I Came to Believe it.

Then I Evolved to a place of Knowingness.

Then I Held an Unassailable Conviction.

Then I Embraced it.

Then I Began to Live it.

Then I Became it...

        … one little Step at a Time.

How does your Knowingness progress? Do you go through a progression like this, too?

Suggested Exercise: Rate the firmness of your beliefs and convictions against this scale. Are you Living Your Truth?

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