The Other Side

The Other Side

My lessons continue, day after day.

In the past couple of days, I became aware of some low-level lingering resentment and judgment toward some people. I never really noticed it before, but there it was, suddenly as plain as day.

So I dove in, examined it, understood it, and released it. I practiced Humility and Surrender.

I Forgave them and myself and returned to the place of No Regrets and No Resentments.

        I went to the Other Side.

I accepted my limitations, frailties, and weaknesses, and stopped feeling bad about my mistakes.

Now, I feel that a weight has been lifted. I feel more Light-Hearted. I feel Energized and Excited again!

And I know that I am Wiser now, having had the courage to explore another problem, having learned another lesson,

        Having leapt to the Other Side.

Do you have some lingering judgments or resentments? Is there someone you could Forgive? How about yourself?

Suggested Exercise: Practice Extreme Self-Awareness today. Notice every little buzz and trigger, and dive in to learn the lesson. Go to the Other Side. 

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