The New Normal

The New Normal

I am not the person I was a few years ago.  Today, there is a New Normal. Now, I consistently experience:

        Peace of mind

        Sitting, walking, and working in the silence, without thoughts, spontaneously

        Amazement at every second of this human experience

        Being in the moment

        Unconditional love

        Seeing how so many people are frightened and unconscious most of the time

        Standing on the shore, while others thrash about in the water

        Speaking from Spirit

        Taking responsibility for everything

        Incredible joy

        Little to no fear

        Abundance and Prosperity

        Confidence and Certainty.



What is your Normal? Are you normally stressed or lighthearted? Are you normally thinking or silent?

Suggested Exercise: Write down what Normal means to you. Then focus on creating a new, healthier, more pleasant Normal for yourself.

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