The New Me

The New Me

The New Me is Peaceful, Loving, Happy, Strong, and Wise.

The New Me is Detached, Transcendent, Aware, and Awakened more and more of the time.

The New Me doesn’t do caffeine. He isn’t nearly as addicted to excitement in any of its forms.

The New Me doesn't consume alcohol. He is already relaxed and calm almost all the time.

The New Me doesn’t hesitate at all to Return to Spirit whenever he notices that He Isn’t There.

The New Me often chooses to Sit in the Stillness rather than watch TV, listen to music, read a book, or play a game.

The New Me Grins almost all of the time. He lives in an almost constant state of Bliss and Love.

The New Me has a much stronger belief in Magic and Miracles than he used to.

And The New Me is getting Better Every Day.

Have you become a new person, too? How would you describe The New You?

Suggested Exercise: Describe the person you have Become, and the person you are Becoming.

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