The More I Learn

The More I Learn

I just discovered a limiting belief that has really been holding me back: somewhere deep in my subconscious mind, I believe that the more I know and the more Awakened and Aware I am, the more worthy I am of love and success.

And because there is an infinite amount to learn, I am more focused on learning and growing that applying the knowledge, wisdom, and power I already have.


What if it was really OK for me to be famous and financially free without learning anything new?

What if it was really OK for me to leverage what I had already learned, and just apply that knowledge?

What if it was really OK for me to be victorious with the tools I already have?

What if I already had more than enough power and consciousness to be wildly successful at achieving my dreams?

What if the same was true for you?

What is holding you back? What else do you need to learn in order to feel good about yourself? Are you OK with leveraging your current level of Skill, Knowledge, and Presence into success?

Suggested Exercise: Make a list of the people you know who have accomplished great things despite their imperfections. Reflect on why you are limiting your own success.

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