The Gatekeeper


The Gatekeeper

I had an Idea Storm this morning as I was exercising that was as clear as watching a movie. I saw my Physical Self, my Mental Self, and my Emotional Self as separate people. As my Conscious Self, I watched each of them as they experienced life, quite separate from each other.

My Physical Self was experiencing my exercising: muscles, heartbeat, breath, sweat, fan, drink, etc.

My Mental Self was analyzing the times to see if I was on pace, and thinking pace-related thoughts (“Pick it up”, “Keep it steady”, “Slow it down”, etc.) He was also narrating the experience, making comments about what he was seeing and feeling. And saying things like “Easy, Easy”, or “Watching, Observing, Witnessing”.  He felt comfortable being in control.

Sometimes, when things were going very well, he was silent. When he was, I just saw him patiently sitting there.

My Emotional Self was tense at first, but then he chose just to be cheerful and joyful. The feeling was one of childlike Joy and Exuberance! He was clearly a child, and at times, the Happiest Child Who Ever Lived!

And I found that when my Emotional Self completely and totally let go of all fear, a River of Joy and Light and Love and Health came pouring through me.

My Emotional Self is the Gatekeeper.

When he is afraid, the gate slams shut and the flow is stopped.

When he is not afraid, the gate opens wide.



What fears do you have that are hurting you and holding you back by limiting the Flow of Life?

Suggested Exercise: For as long as you can, whether that be just a few seconds or many minutes, let go of all of your fear. Experience the Flow as powerfully as you can.

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