The Executioner

The Executioner

In the past, whenever I had a challenge letting go of a resentment, I took the drastic step of imagining myself to be an executioner.

The person with whom I am angry is brought before me, often angry and tearfully frightened themselves. They are forced to kneel down, neck exposed, waiting for the blow that will end their life.

I stand over them, sword in hand, ready to act. It is my choice when and whether to utterly destroy them, to execute them, or not.

And I always put down my sword, lift them up, embrace them, give them their Freedom, tell them they are completely Forgiven, wish them well, and send them on their way. I Always Love them and only want the best for them.

        Every time.

And then I imagine that I stop the whole process earlier.

I give them Love and Freedom when they enter the room.

        They are never forced to kneel down,

                and I never pick up the sword.

And then I imagine that I give them Love and Freedom from the moment I begin to feel the least bit of anger, resentment, or judgment.

        And then I give Love and Freedom to everyone else in the room.

                And then I do the same for the entire world.


The lesson for me is that my fear is limiting my Love.

        When my “enemy” can’t hurt me,

        when he has no power over me,

        when he is helpless and hopeless before me,

                there is only Love.

Given the chance, would you destroy a helpless and hopeless enemy, or would you free them and love them?

Suggested Exercise: Try this meditation the next time you are angry and resentful. Choose wisely.

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