The Changing of the Guard


The Changing of the Guard

The strangest thing happened in a meditation yesterday, and I am still processing it.

I was being My Conscious Self, focusing on My Physical Self, My Mental Self, and My Emotional Self, and how My Emotional Self was the Gatekeeper.

And how my fear was the only thing standing between me and Divinity, between me and the Infinite Goodness.

And how I had become, for the most part, The Angel Within.

Then Divinity came to me again, through the Gateway. She kindly thanked My Emotional Self, my frightened child for his service, and said that She had come to take his place.

And She remains as the Welcomer, the Encourager, the Way-Shower, the Channel, as The Divine Expression of Infinite Love, Infinite Peace, Infinite Joy, Infinite Strength, Infinite Wisdom, and Infinite Goodness.

Always Present,

    always Here,

        always Me.


Have you ever experienced a time when you really felt Connected, perhaps even in Union with Divinity? Have you considered what it would be like to be One?

Suggested Exercise: As vividly as you can, Imagine that you are a Divine Expression, a Drop of Consciousness in the Sea of God’s mind. Feel it. Believe it. Be it.

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