The Awakening Game

The Awakening Game

I have been playing this most wonderful game for decades now – The Awakening Game.

I have been working to see how Peaceful, Joyful, Powerful, Wise, and Loving I can become.

I have been focusing on Remembering how wonderful it is be “The Angel in Me”

        and to be “In The Spirit”.

I have been Awakening and Shifting My Energy many times a day,

        Seeing how Quickly I can Return,

        how High I can Reach,

                and how Long I can Stay There.

It is the most Incredibly Wonderful Game!

Here are the steps, on a micro level:

        1.  Seeing
        2.  Believing
        3.  Choosing
        4.  Focusing
        5.  Embracing
        6.  Being

And on a macro level:

        1.  Developing the willingness to learn and grow, to discard old ideas and habits
        2.  Seeking new teachers and studying what they have to offer
        3.  Integrating new ideas and habits into my daily life
        4.  Sharing and teaching others what I have learned
        5.  Repeating this forever!

Come play with me!

And say this little poem when you do:

        The Awakening Game

        The Awakening Game

        There’s no fame or shame in the Awakening Game

                We’re in this together

                Our journey’s the same

                Each one of us playing The Awakening Game.


        The Awakening Game

        The Awakening Game

        There’s no shame or fame in the Awakening Game

                The object is simple

                        Great Wisdom our aim

                To reach the next level

                        Our fears we must tame

                And with every step forward

                        Great Joy we can claim!

        Whenever we play The Awakening Game.

                So come! Let us play The Awakening Game.

Are you playing The Awakening Game, too?  Are you making great progress, too? 

Suggested Exercise: Play the Game!  Every Day!  Forever!

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