Surface Conditions

Surface Conditions

I had a great conversation with a coach a couple of days ago, in which he noticed that I was referring to some occasional lingering doubt and unworthiness as “in the depths of my soul”.

He encouraged me to flip that and see that in the depths of my Soul there was only Divinity and purest Love.

The doubt, the resistance, the hesitation, the sense of unworthiness was only a temporary Surface Condition and had nothing to do with the core of my being.

And as I meditated on the new perspective, the wisdom of the lesson became clear.

At the core of our being, we are each Divinity.

        One level up is our Soul.

                Then this Lifetime.

                        Then this Moment.

The seas may be choppy or the fountains joyfully expressing, but both are just Surface Conditions.

Our thoughts and feelings and physical sensations are just Surface Conditions.

The clothes we wear, the color of our skin, the shapes of our bodies, and the language we speak are all just Surface Conditions.

And most people are just living on the surface, barely scratching the greatness of their Being.

Dive deep! In the depths of your Soul, you will discover that we are the same: we are One, and we are Divinity.

What do you see at the core of your being – fear and darkness, or Love and Light?

Suggested Exercise: Practice seeing Love, Light, and Divinity as the essence of who you are. Practice Diving Deep.

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