Safe, Easy, Happy, Strong!


Safe, Easy, Happy, Strong!

A new sequence of words came to me over the course of a couple of very strenuous bike rides. I found myself saying the phrase “Safe, Easy, Happy, Strong!” over and over again, and it provided the energetic resonance necessary to surpass all of my previous efforts.

This new sequence may be as powerful as my Angel Star – only time will tell. It feels very complete, very grounding, and very empowering.

I mix it up a bit, but the most effective sequence seems to be:

I am Safe,

This is Easy,

I am Happy,

I am Strong!

And I find that an expanded version works very well, too. I like to say it in rhythm, with a few "drumbeats" / taps between the expressions, and say:

I am Safe (tap, tap) Perfectly Safe. (tap, tap)

This is Easy (tap, tap) Surprisingly Easy! (tap, tap)

I am Happy (tap, tap) Wonderfully Happy! (tap, tap)

I am Strong (tap, tap) Amazingly Strong! (tap, tap)

Try it!

(Note: this was one of my very first Mind Sequencing patterns. Since then, I developed hundreds of them and created an entire program to help others do the same.)

What mantra do you have for performing at your very best? 

 Suggested Exercise: Try this one, the next time you are stressed and need to really focus.

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