River Rocks

River Rocks

I have been having a vision lately of treading water in a beautiful River of Love, mostly floating or swimming with the current, but occasionally walking along the bottom.

Sometimes the bottom is comfortably sandy, sometimes it is covered with smooth rocks, and other times, the rocks are sharp and painful.

        Such is life.

And in this River of Life, whenever I stub my toe or bruise or cut the bottom of my foot on a sharp rock, I just raise my feet and start swimming or floating again. The pain goes away. The obstacle is no longer a problem.

        It’s all very simple.

Whenever I am tagged or get a little buzz, I just raise up, detach from the experience, and float away.

        No problem.

Can you just lift your feet and end the pain? Are you able to simply detach, withdraw, and float away? 

Suggested Exercise: Practice this meditation / visioning process. Practice lifting your feet.

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