Out There

Out There

All of my uncertainty, worry, doubt, hesitation, resistance, stress, nervousness, defensiveness, insecurity, arrogance, anger, and tension is Out There.

All of my forgetfulness, unconsciousness, attachment, complacency, unworthiness, and overconfidence is Out There.

All of my pain and suffering is Out There.

All of my fear is Out There.


But In Here, in my heart of hearts, in the depths of my soul, there is only Love and Light.

In Here, there is only Peace and Joy.

In Here, there is only Strength and Wisdom.

In Here, there is only Divinity.

In here, we are One.


So I choose to stay In Here.

Are you Out There, or In Here? Where is the focus on your attention?

Suggested Exercise: Come back into the Light. Come back into the Love. Come back In Here... and stay a while.

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