No Hesitation!


No Hesitation

Here's a little poem I wrote to help me overcome any hesitation I have in Shifting my Energy and Returning to a Higher Vibration:


        I let go of all resistance,

        And choose to Go the Distance,

        With a Peaceful, Kind Persistence,

                When I Shift my Energy. 


        There's no trace of hesitation,

        Instead, some Celebration,

        As I approach my Destination,

                And Become the Best I Can Be.


        It’s easy to Remember

        That it only takes Surrender

        To again experience the Splendor

                Of Being the Angel in Me! 

Are you hesitating? Do you have a little resistance? What are you doing about it? 

Suggested Exercise: Every time you sense a little hesitation or resistance in Retuning to Spirit, say this little poem.

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