Morning Reflection


Morning Reflection

Every morning, I ask myself a series of questions about the previous day. They are most revealing, helping me increase self-awareness and allowing me the opportunity to discover trends and patterns.

Here they are:

Yesterday, what shadow energy did I experience?

  • Did I feel ashamed?
  • Did I feel punished or abused?
  • Did I feel depressed?
  • Did I put myself down in any way?
  • Did I just want to give up and run away or end it all?
  • Did I feel trapped? Did I feel like I needed to escape?
  • Did I feel like I was treated unfairly?
  • Did I feel guilty?
  • Was I frustrated?
  • Was I stressed or anxious?
  • Did I get angry at anything or anyone?
  • Did I yell or scream at anyone?
  • Did I hit or hurt anyone?
  • Did I worry?
  • Did I have any regrets or resentments?
  • Did I try to manipulate anyone? Did I try to convince someone to believe something or to do something in a controlling kind of way?
  • Did I cheat anyone or treat another person unfairly?
  • Was I judgmental of anyone? Did I criticize anyone?
  • Did I make fun of anyone?
  • Did I condemn anyone? Did I wish anyone harm or pain in any way?
  • Was I unkind to anyone in any way?
  • Did I doubt myself?
  • Did anything or anyone cause my Joy to be diminished in any way?

And yesterday, what positive energy did I experience?

  • Did I love everyone?
  • Was I kind to everyone?
  • Did I accept anyone and love them completely, even though they caused me harm, wished me harm, or hurt me in some way?
  • Did I forgive anyone? Who? Why?
  • Did I spend any time in the Stillness? How much?
  • Did I return to Spirit? How deeply? How often?
  • Was I Blissful and Serene? How much of my day?
  • Was I Joyful? How much of my day? How many times did I laugh out loud?
  • Did I have Faith? Did I ever lack Faith?
  • Did I feel incredibly strong? How strong? How often?
  • Did I feel Enlightened, Conscious, and Aware? How deeply? How often?
  • Did I feel one with Spirit, with God, with the Universe? How deeply? How often?

I find these questions to be a great way to reflect on yesterday, focus on attention, and set my intentions for today.

What was your life experience yesterday? Do you have some work to do, some healing to enjoy?

Suggested Exercise: Ask yourself these questions every morning for a while and see what you discover.

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