May I Share?

May I Share?

In speaking with a friend yesterday, I found myself disagreeing with him on some things. And each time I disagreed with him, he accused me of being defensive.

While I didn’t see it at the time, in reflection, he was correct. I was being defensive.

I was holding on to my beliefs, my opinions, and my perspectives like they were gold.

I needed to be right, and I needed to be heard.

I needed to be believed, or at least, I needed to be seen as truthful.

At some deep subconscious level, the differences between me and my friend were frightening to me.

So I searched a long time to find a way to express my difference of opinion and experience without a sense of neediness.

And I found one that works well for me.

May I share?

        May I share a different perspective?

        May I share a different opinion?

        May I share a different experience?

Not “my” perspective, “my” opinion, or “my” experience,

        rather “a” perspective, “an” opinion,  “an” experience.

So there is no attachment to the sharing, and no attachment to that which may be shared.

It feels a lot more grounded and powerful to me.

Are you serious about expressing your Truth? Do you need be heard and need to be right?

Suggested Exercise: Trying sharing instead of insisting. Focus on holding your opinions and insights very loosely, and be willing to change them quickly.

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