Loving Something

Loving Something

I was having a little problem the other day loving a person who had, in my opinion, treated me unfairly. As I stepped back and became aware of my anger and began to work through it, I focused on returning to a State of Love.

What I discovered was that it became easy to love that person when I first loved myself! I read my reflection from The Practice of Awakening entitled Loving Myself, and the fear and anger were washed away.

I think that is the key: before we can live in a State of Love, be Consumed by Love, and Love Everyone and Everything, we have to Love Something. Love has to start somewhere.

I practiced this sequence throughout the day when I became a little stressed: I loved my granddaughter, then myself, then everyone. I loved the flowers and trees, then the skies and the seas, and then everything in my life.

Now, when I feel the least bit angry or fearful, I simply focus on Loving Something.

And when the Love Drops start to flow, they soon turn into a gentle rain, then comes a Magnificent Outpouring of Adoration.

What is easiest to love for you? Who is easiest to love? Who and what do you love all the time? Who and what do you love Right Now? 

Suggested Exercise: Try loving something or someone easy to love, then move into loving yourself, then love everyone and everything. Allow yourself to be consumed by Love.

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