Love the Lizard

Love the Lizard

The lizard brain is the part of the brain that functions to protect us. It is analogous to the Id and The Frightened Child within. It tells us to go slow, dip our toe in the water instead of just jump in, and be cautious. Its sole purpose is to keep us safe and alive.

For some people, it seems to be quite dominant, because they are fearful all the time. They have a very high baseline anxiety and let the Lizard run free.

I used to be one of those people.

My Lizard used to scream all of the time. He screamed about this and he screamed about that, mostly irrational crap, because he was so frightened.

But gradually, over many years, I Tamed the Lizard. He is mostly quiet now, and just squeaks a little bit, a few times a day.

And it occurs to me that I have done a lot more than just Tame the Lizard:

        I have become Grateful for the Lizard

        I have Learned from the Lizard

        And I have come to Love the Lizard.

For you see, the Lizard is who I was when I was two or three or four years old.

        He is that toddler trying to survive, trying to make sense of it all

        Making up stuff because he had no sense of perspective and no wisdom.

But now? Now that Toddler / Lizard isn’t nearly as afraid.

        Now I really do Understand him

                And now, I really do Love him.

How loud and active is your Lizard? Have you learned to appreciate and even Love him or her? 

Suggested Exercise: Listen to the Lizard. Learn from the Lizard. Love the Lizard.

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