Leveraging Little Fears

Leveraging Little Fears

I was playing a game on my tablet this morning, and was a little miffed that the statistics weren’t accurate. It showed that I had lost a game, but really, I accidentally aborted it. How frustrating! How unfair!

And I asked myself: “why on earth would I get even a little buzz from something as insignificant as that?” I mean, I’ve played thousands of games and the outcome never made a difference before – why would this one matter?

When I explored the reasons, the answer came quickly. Fear. Deep down, there was the belief that being a smart kid who had all the answers and won all the games would keep me safe. It was my childhood survival strategy and The Law of Protection at its finest.

And I wondered how I could turn this little fear into a positive thing. I knew that  it could take a while to eliminate completely, and that I may never be able to do that, so I starting thinking about how I could leverage it in the meantime.

Here are some of things I chose instead:

        Empathy for others who are also fearful in ways large and small

        Gratitude for the strength I have and the many blessings I have received

        Humility for the journey that remains

        A Reminder of the path that has been walked

        And the Inspiration to face my fears and Flip them into something very positive indeed!

So now, when I get that little buzz, I recognize it, leverage it... and smile.

What little fears do you have? What pisses you off or causes you to doubt yourself in some way?

Suggested Exercise: Make a note of the little things that bother you or cause you to dip your toes in the shadows. Practice letting them go, and they will eventually go away forever.

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