I’m Over That!


I'm Over That!

I was blessed to listen to a man last week talk about the experience of having his partner of the last few years say those dreaded words “we are not a fit”.

        For the second and final time.

And he had a little pity party, drank a little bit too much, went to bed, and woke up the next morning saying to himself “I'm over that”.

        And he was.

I have been exploring ways that I could apply the “I’m over that” sentiment, and came up with the following little poem, which is working marvelously for me:

        I Let it Go

        And I am Free.

        Again I Am

        The Best I Can Be!

If that doesn’t work right away, I say:

        I’ll Let it Go

        Until I’m Free.

        And Then I’ll Be

        The Best I Can Be.

I Let Go of the slightest little desire or tension or stress.

I Let Go of anything larger that shows up too.

        And again I am

        The Best I Can Be!

What do you need to let go of? Have you tried continuing to Let Go until it is all gone?

Suggested Exercise: Practice extreme self-awareness. Let go of even the smallest tension until you are again The Best You can Be!

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