I Am Not Stuck!

I Am Not Stuck!

Here’s another little meditative progression I use to move up the levels of consciousness:

        I am not threatened, I am not trapped.

        I am not angry, I am not serious,

        I am not complacent, I am not stuck!

        I am incredibly Powerful and Resourceful.

        I am Lighthearted and Playful, and I am filled with Joyful Energy, Bliss, and Contentment.

                and now I have Returned.


Which is to say:

        I am not a victim, I am not a prisoner,

        I am not vengeful, spiteful, or scornful,

        I am not attached to my current thoughts and emotions,

                I am Free to experience life as I choose.

        And I choose Health, Wealth, Peace, Joy, Strength, Wisdom, and Love.

Do you feel threatened? Do you feel trapped?  Do you think you are stuck?

Suggested Exercise: Try this progressive meditation. Be safe, free, and light-hearted!

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