I woke up this morning with a lower vibration than usual – a little tension, attachment to my thoughts, wishing I could sleep for another couple of hours, concerned over the work in front of me, etc.

Just like the old days.

And I wished that I lived in a monastery, where I could be assured that I would be greeted by many people who were in a higher vibration,

        And I would be immediately reminded of Spirit.

By Feeling their energy, Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, and Hearing their kind and loving voices,

        They would be taking me by the hand

        And showing me the way back home.


And then I realized that I could be Greeting myself!

My Inner Angel came into my consciousness again

        And I was that higher vibration

        I had the twinkle in my eye

        I spoke to myself in a kind and loving way

        I showed myself the way back to Spirit.


I Greeted Myself, and Returned.


What energy greets you in the morning? Are you met with kindness and laughter, or are you met with a lower vibration?

Suggested Exercise: Choose to be the one of higher vibration people who greets others with a warm smile and a twinkle in your eye – today and every day!

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