Fear Loving


Fear Loving

So now my focus is changing again,

    from being troubled by the few remaining fears,

        to being Inspired by them

        to feeling Blessed by them

    To use them as fuel for my Bliss and Wisdom Factory.

To let them remind me of the Great Protector that is my ego.

To let them remind me of the Journey I have taken

    And the path that lies ahead.


It is a simple, yet profound shift

    To see the Blessing

    To see the Gift

    To learn the Lesson again

    And to be Healed one more time

        Every Time

            I feel afraid.

Are you denying your fear, working on your fears, or delighted to experience them? Where are you in your development?

Suggested Exercise: Consider Loving your fears for the Lessons that they bring to you. Make note of them and discuss them with your friends and coaches. Let them teach you Joy and Wisdom. 

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Mind Sequencing with Paul Hoyt – Personal Development Conversation Between Friends