Embracing the World

Embracing the World

When I went shopping a couple of days ago, I was consumed by this overwhelming Love for everyone I saw.

There were young kids and older people, Asians and Europeans, Hispanics and Africans, thin people and large ones – every variety of people I could imagine.

Some were shopping, others were with spouses and children. Most were speaking in languages I couldn't understand.

        And I Loved them all.

I wanted to sit down with each of them, hear the stories of their lives, and Embrace them. I wanted to tell them how much I cared and wished them an Abundant and Joyful life.

        It felt like I was Embracing the World.

Who do you Love? Have you ever experienced Unconditional Love? Have you ever felt like Embracing the World? 

Suggested Exercise: Try Loving everyone, unconditionally, for a few minutes. Then do it again.

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