Climb Higher

Climb Higher

For many weeks now, I have been hearing / imagining my inner Vitality and Awakening Coach encourage me to “Awaken and Return”, over and over.

        So I do.

I Awaken, Remember, Embrace, Return, and Become My Highest Self dozens of times a day.

But as it turns out, when I am there, I become a bit complacent.

I am so content to just Be, that I often just sit and revel in the Amazing Beauty of Life.

After an especially contented time last Monday evening, where I just sat for a couple of hours watching / feeling / listening to my breath, I woke up the next morning with My Soul’s Fire burning a little brighter.

And My Inner Coach started saying “Climb Higher”.

“Awaken, Return, Climb Higher”, over and over again.

“Have a Greater Positive Impact, take it to the Next Level, Let Go and Become Even More, Stretch Your Wings!”

        And so on.

I got the message.

Are you Climbing Higher? Are you contented and satisfied, or complacent?

Suggested Exercise: Think about what it would mean to Climb Higher. Then start climbing.

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