I was blessed with a deep healing yesterday. It was simple process: I was invited to breath in slowly, hold it for a bit, and then exhale slowly. Then I was encouraged to simply sit in the silence and be aware of any shifts in my energy.

When I breathed in, I focused on breathing in Love and Light.

When I breathed out, I focused on breathing out with Healing Energy, removing the remaining traces of fear and resistance from my body and my soul, and at the same time, sharing my Positive Energy with the world.

And I have been focusing on the meditation for the past day.

        Breathing in Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, and Strength.

        Breathing out Healing, Wisdom, Encouragement and Love.

And the exercise has come to this: Breathing in Divinity, and Breathing Out Divinity.

        Being one with Divinity with every breath.

It is a most glorious and magnificent experience.

Do you experience Divine Energy throughout your day? Have you ever felt Presence with every breath?

Suggested Exercise: Do this self-guided meditation today. Breathe in Love and Light, and share it with the world when you exhale. Do it a lot.

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