Being, Doing, and Having

Being, Doing, and Having

When I look at my goals in life, they fall into one of three interrelated categories: Being, Doing, and Having.

“Having” includes the things that I possess or over which I have control: my car, my house, my clothes, etc.

“Doing” includes the things that I do: my work, my play, my vacations, my games, my meetings, etc.

“Being” is who I am: my thoughts, my feelings, and my level of consciousness.

In some cases, the Doing seems to come first: we do things so we can have things so we can be happy, proud, safe, etc.

In some cases, the Having seems to come first: we have money so we can do things that make us happy.

But the mystics say that Being always comes first, and we attract the circumstances that allow us to have the things we want and need based on the person we are.

I think there are integrated and interrelated in a complementary, iterative dance. Back and forth they go, one enabling the other, as we grow.

But for me, Being a wise and happy man always comes first.

Which of the three seems to come first most often in your life? Which one works the best for you?

Suggested Exercise: If one isn’t working as well as you like, try another. If the Doing and Having isn’t keeping you fulfilled, try Being. If your focus on Being isn’t working to create a balanced and healthy life, then try a little more Doing and Having. 

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