All the Way

All the Way

I made a decision some time ago to form a new habit – the habit of Going All the Way whenever I Awoke and Returned to Spirit.

And it is has been one of the best decisions of my life!

I had been shifting my energy many times a day for years, but I had never before been committed to achieving the highest vibration I could each and every time.

It was my habit to stop when I became comfortable. I stopped whenever I felt really good, when I was filled with Peace, Joy, Strength, Wisdom, and Love.

But there is an even higher level – where the Love and Light and Joyful Rapturous Energy just POURS through me!

So now, I am returning to that Infinite State of Grace every single time.

It has become my new habit,

        and for me,

                the next level in my Awakening.

Do you just shift a little, or do you shift a lot? Are you content to be safe, or are you embracing your potential?

Suggested Exercise: Practice Going all the Way to Spirit, to the highest vibration you can imagine, every time you shift your energy. Be committed to the practice!

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