A Wild Ride!


A Wild Ride

As my plane was coming in for a landing yesterday, we were experiencing a little “bumpy air”. (They used to call it turbulence, but that was apparently too scary.) It was a bit of a wild ride.

As I sat there meditating, I was aware of all of us passengers riding in the metal tube high in the sky, going hundreds of miles per hour, thousands of feet above the ground.

And then I was aware that I was a Spirit having a wild ride in this physical body.

And what an amazing perspective it was! To be aware of having fingers and toes and eyes and ears, to be able to taste and feel and think, to breathe and be able to feel my heartbeat.

Sometimes the ride is a bit wilder than other times, but just sitting there, silent and relaxed, it is still one heck of a Wild Ride.

Have you had any Wild Rides lately? Are you having one now? 

Suggested Exercise: Think of your life as a Roller Coaster ride – there are plenty of ups and downs, and at some point, you will pull into the station and exit.

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